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Owning a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is like owning a part of history.  Beginning in the 1930s, Ray Ban got its start by creating sunglasses for Army Air Corps aviators.  Since then, Ray Ban has used technological advances and proprietary designs to create pairs of sunglasses for any lifestyle.  From the classic aviator from the 1930s, the Wayfarer of the 1950s, to the retro styles of today, Ray Ban signature sunglasses are timeless pieces that not only catch the eye but also protect the eye.


Innovation, Technology, Lifestyle, Sports – Since 1975 Oakley has been developing sunglasses with an eye toward redefining the limits of optical technology.  Every pair of Oakley sunglasses has been designed and researched to bring visual acuity to a new level of performance.  Through sculptural physics Oakley has been able to combine art and science to bring the world the most stylish and functional sunglasses.  Performance, technology, and fashion combine to bring athlete tested frames and lenses to over 100 countries across the globe.  A pair of Oakley’s will set you apart from the crowd. 


Since1985, Revo has believed that if it is good enough for NASA it’s probably good enough for eyewear. Using state of the art technology and innovation, Revo has developed sunglasses that increase visual acuity, contrast, and depth of field.  Their own Polarcast technology has made Revo the unsurpassed designer of polarized sunglasses.  From the adventurist to those concerned about style, Revo has taken the world by storm and created the best-polarized lenses and frames available.

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