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Fixed Blade

Dating back to the ancient cavemen, knives have helped improve the lives of man.  We supply some of the most technologically advanced blades on the planet.  From the Buck family to the Case family and Spyderco, the fixed blade knife has been a staple of American life.  

From gutting deer to filleting fish, a fixed blade knife is sure to give you security and a true sense of purpose.  On your next hunting trip remember to keep your handy fixed blade honed and at your side so you can easily get the dirty work done and back to camp.


Folding Blade

Many men around the world have received a folding knife for some special occasion.  

Folding knives date back to ancient Rome but did not really come into widespread use until the medieval period.  Way back then, you carried a knife with you because that’s what you would use to eat with (it also came in handy for self-defense).  

The modern folding knife has a myriad of purposes.  From cutting fishing line to opening an envelope folding knives sure come in handy. Whether it be hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or just everyday tasks you will find a Buck product that can be a reliable tool for any task

Dating back to over a century ago, our knife suppliers provide the best cutting technology on the market today.  From the Case family to the Buck family, from Benchmade to Spyderco, we have all your folding knife needs covered.



Going back to the days of the Vikings and pre-Columbian North American tribes, the tomahawk has had many uses.  As a weapon of war the tomahawk could be thrown and used in close up combat.  

In throwing contests as well as a quick skinning the tomahawk can come in pretty handy.  The uses are endless and the dangers are real, but a tomahawk can save you if you’re ever lost in the woods.


Knife sharpener

You never want to be the dull knife in the drawer because there will always be another sharper than you.  Well, with a knife sharpener there should never be a dull knife in the drawer.  Knife sharpeners help keep the keen edge on your blade and a sharp knife is a safe knife and it gets the job done in less time than a dull knife.  

Don’t be a dull knife!  Buy yourself a knife sharpener now.

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